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Plus 8 other products including the Heart Shaped Cheese Board Image: "Logo" Wednesday January 25th | Issue #31Image: "Top Banner" Hi Grommet Fan,Because we dont say it enoughTHANK YOU for reading the Grommet. Today, were thrilled to share 9 ULTRA-POPULAR PRODUCTS WITH YOU.From EASY-INSTALL SAFETY LIGHTING TO INDESTRUCTIBLE READING GLASSES, these products and their makers are sure to give you something to smile about.P.S. Our 10 Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him list goes out tomorrow!THIS WEEKS DISCOVERIES INCLUDE: GUIDELIGHT - Affordable safety lighting thats easy to install THINOPTICS - Never lose your glasses again HEART SHAPED CHEESE BOARD - Perfect for Valentines Day SEED-IN SOIL DIGGER - Get a jump start on spring planting DENTAL LACE - The 100% compostable silk floss OBSERVER TOOLS - A 24X brighter flashlight w/ 72-hour run time PAN BUDDY - Make heavy pans feel incredibly light SANIDOO - The zero-touch system to pick up dog messes ORL - The natural way to clean your teeth MEET THE MAKER MEET THE UTAH ELECTRICIAN OBSESSED WITH BRINGING EASY-TO-INSTALL SAFETY LIGHTING TO YOUR HOME (NO BATTERIES, NO WIRES, AND NO ELECTRICIANS NEEDED!)Image: "Meet the Maker: GuideLight By Jeremy Smith" JEREMY SMITH HAS INSTALLED THOUSANDS OF SAFETY LIGHTS. As an experienced electrician based out of Provo, Utah, he knows the traditional process of installing new lights is expensive and time-consuming even for professionals.HE WANTED TO CREATE AN ELEGANT SAFETY LIGHT THAT WAS BOTH AFFORDABLE AND EASY TO INSTALL FOR HOMEOWNERS. After years of development, GuideLight was born! NOBODY wants to go through the hassle of rewiring or tearing apart walls for electrical work. With GuideLight, you wont have it!SKIP THE ELECTRICAL WORK AND SNAP GUIDELIGHT INTO PLACE. Its that easy. Jeremy insisted that GuideLight be so easy to install that anyone could do it. Youll save time and money since you can install GuideLight completely on your own. Simply remove your outlet cover and snap GuideLight into place. Your hallways, bathrooms, and kitchen will have beautiful safety lighting added almost instantly. THE DEAL: Grommet readers love GuideLights most popular offer which lets you BUY 2, GET 1 FREE RIGHT NOW. This offer SAVES $30 AND SHIPS FREE! Jeremy is thrilled whenever he receives an order from Grommet readers and cant wait for you to enjoy GuideLight in your home!Image: "Meet the Maker: GuideLight By Jeremy Smith" BUY FROM GUIDELIGHT HOW IT WORKS HOW DO SEARCH ENGINES REALLY WORKWe use search engines every day but do you know how search engines actually work to turn your request into a resultImage: "How do search engines really work" Most people believe that as you type in your request, the search engine scans the web to find the best results in real-time. Thats not the case!With billions of websites present on the web, that would take wayyyyyyy too long. Instead, search engines continuously run a program called a spider to crawl through websites to collect information. For each page the spider visits, it records information it might need for a search and adds it to a special database called a Search Index. With this information stored in one place, the search engine can match what you type into the search bar with the information in its search index, providing you with the desired search results instantly! Now, lets get Googling!(Or Bing-ing ) GROMMET OF THE DAY THINOPTICS: INDESTRUCTIBLE READING GLASSES THAT ARE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE (THEY ATTACH TO THE BACK OF YOUR PHONE)Now where did I put my reading glassesWith ThinOptics, youll never ask that question again!ThinOptics are LIGHTWEIGHT READING GLASSES THAT ATTACH TO THE BACK OF YOUR PHONE so youll never forget them.Theyre 100% SHATTERPROOF AND FLEX, BEND, AND FOLD IN ANY DIRECTION, so you wont have to worry about accidentally sitting on them or dropping them on the ground.THE SLIM CASE EASILY ATTACHES TO THE BACK OF YOUR PHONE, so youll always have ThinOptics within reach and ready to go.P.S. These come in 4 of the most popular prescription strengths!THE DEAL: Grommet fans LOVE ThinOptics! Get 1 pair for JUST $19.99 TODAY. Or save even more with their BUY 2, GET 1 FREE OFFER! (The bundle includes FREE U.S. SHIPPING!)BUY FROM THINOPTICS FEATURED DISCOVERIES7 popular products we discovered this weekHEART SHAPED CHEESE BOARD: A HANDMADE BEAUTY PERFECT FOR VALENTINES DAYImage: "Heart Shaped Cheese Board: A handmade beauty perfect for Valentines Day" Warning: Valentines Day is coming up!If youre not prepared, dont worry.This Heart Shaped Cheese Board has you covered!Its PERFECT FOR HOSTING ROMANTIC EVENINGS AT HOME OR FULL-BLOWN DINNER PARTIES.The beautiful cherry wood makes this handmade board THE ULTIMATE HOME FOR YOUR FAVORITE CHARCUTERIE.ADD CUSTOM PERSONALIZATION to take this special board to the next level!EXCLUSIVE: Use code GROMMET15 for 15% OFF your entire order!BUY FROM WORDS WITH BOARDS SEED-IN SOIL DIGGER: THIS NEW TOOL MAKES PLANTING SEEDS FAST & EASY (AND SAVES YOUR BACK)Image: "Seed-In Soil Digger: This new tool makes planting seeds fast & easy (and saves your back)" Everyone loves gardening, but PLANTING SEEDS ONE BY ONE IS BACK-BREAKING WORK. The Seed-In Soil Digger makes planting easy!This new tool allows gardeners to SIMULTANEOUSLY CREATE 17 EVENLY-SPACED HOLES in the soil for planting seeds and seedlings.Youll SAVE TONS OF TIME (and your back) come spring. P.S. This is the perfect gift for any gardener!THE DEAL: Enjoy FREE shipping with any purchase!BUY FROM GARDINNOVATIONS DENTAL LACE: THE 100% COMPOSTABLE SILK FLOSS WITH A REFILLABLE CONTAINER THAT MOTHER NATURE LOVESImage: "Dental Lace: The 100% compostable silk floss with a refillable container that Mother Nature loves" Traditional floss may clean your teeth well, but its TERRIBLE for the environment!Dental Lace is a REFILLABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY DENTAL FLOSS CONTAINER WITH 100% COMPOSTABLE SILK FLOSS.THE NATURAL PEPPERMINT FLAVOR TASTES GREAT and helps your smile look its best.Plus, the stylish glass container will look right at home in your bathroom.Clean your teeth better, WITHOUT THE GUILT, with Dental Lace!The deal: Grommet readers get an additional 15% OFF WITH CODE GROMMET and FREE SHIPPING on orders of $20+!BUY FROM DENTAL LACE OBSERVER TOOLS: THIS AMERICAN-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS MAKES ONE HECK OF A FLASHLIGHTImage: "Observer Tools: This American-owned company makes one heck of a flashlight" Does your phones flashlight shine nearly 900 feetNOPE!But the Observer Tools Tactical Flashlight does.At 1200 lumens, its a whopping 24X BRIGHTER than your phones built-in flashlight and offers many more features.With an impressive 72 HOURS OF RUN TIME, It even serves as a convenient POWER BANK TO CHARGE PHONES AND TABLETS WHILE YOURE OUT EXPLORING.P.S. This American-owned company is PROUD TO OFFER A LIFETIME CRAFTSMANSHIP WARRANTY.THE DEAL: Quality tools like this normally cost well over $150, but this professional-grade flashlight is JUST $45 WHEN YOU USE CODE GROMMET25 TODAY!BUY FROM OBSERVER TOOLS PAN BUDDY: THIS UNIVERSAL DEVICE MAKES HEAVY PANS FEEL LIGHT (IT PROTECTS YOUR HANDS FROM BURNS)Image: "Pan Buddy: This universal device makes heavy pans feel LIGHT (it protects your hands from burns)" The Pan Buddy helps you LIFT CUMBERSOME CAST-IRON SKILLETS WITH EASE!No more strained wrists.No more hot pan handles.This universal attachment SECURES TO YOUR FAVORITE PANS HANDLE and offers an INSTANT LEVERAGE BOOST!Youll be shocked at how strong you feel! EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Right now, Grommet fans can SECURE AN EXTRA 10% OFF USING CODE GROMMET10. Plus, all orders qualify for FREE U.S. SHIPPING!BUY FROM KITCHEN INVENTIONS SANIDOO: THIS ZERO-TOUCH SYSTEM KEEPS YOUR HANDS CLEAN & NOSE CLEAR WHEN PICKING UP DOG MESSESImage: "Sanidoo: This zero-touch system keeps your hands CLEAN & nose CLEAR when picking up dog messes" Dogs are poop factories!(At least mine is. )And picking up warm, squishy, bacteria-laden stink bombs is DISGUSTING.Sanidoo is a self-contained scooper with a revolutionary ODOR-CONTROL KNOB.IT PICKS UP DOGGIE MESSES FOR YOU, so your hands will stay nice and clean.P.S. Sanidoo won the 2022 Pet Innovation Award!BUY FROM SANIDOO ORL FRESH MINT NATURAL TOOTHPASTE: THE CLINICALLY-PROVEN, NATURAL WAY TO CLEAN YOUR TEETHImage: "ORL Fresh Mint Natural Toothpaste: The clinically-proven, NATURAL way to clean your teeth" Have you used the same generic toothpaste for YEARSYour mouth may be telling you that its time to change things up! ORL Fresh Mint Natural Toothpaste is made with CLINICALLY-PROVEN NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS THAT IMPROVE YOUR ORAL HEALTH.Its perfectly pH-balanced formula KILLS BACTERIA, KEEPS YOUR GUMS HEALTHY, AND TASTES GREAT!Your smile will never look brighter thanks to co-founder Howard Kaufmans obsession with NATURAL ORAL CARE.See why Howards MADE-IN-THE-USA oral care products are exactly what your teeth have been craving.THE DEAL: SAVE 20-30% WHEN YOU ORDER TODAY! (No code needed.) ORL offers an UNCONDITIONAL HAPPINESS GUARANTEE if youre not happy, Howard will make it right!BUY FROM ORL Image: "Best of Valentine" We Want To Hear From YouWhat did you think about today's newsletterImage: "NPS Survey" Image: "facebook" Image: "YouTube" We hope you enjoyed todays product discoveries! We love helping you find innovative products and support small businesses. Just so you know, Grommet may collect a share of sales if you decide to shop the products we feature inside of our newsletter. 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